Chad’s USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championship Adventure

Chad Cherefko’s inspiring blurb about never giving up. Even when Bear Creek is eating your tires …

“Was totally stoked for nats this year and was feeling strong. Got a call up to the line and had a great start. Settled into mid pack at the top of the climb and then let it rip on the downhill. Only to flat but got it topped off with c02. 4 minutes later my bead tore away from my rim and I had to tube it. Fixed that and sent it like nobody’s business on the downhill. By the top of the climb I actually caught the back of my age group and was charging hard. Then another flat and a hike until I found mark and Mark gave me a tube and helped 3 other dudes with mechanicals. So what do you do after three flats when your at nats??? Throw down everything you got. And so it went gettin loose and hip checking that poor dude from Shirks off my A line through the heckle pit. The crowd liked that move. I was droolin like a hound and blowin snot like a dragon determined to not be DFL. And then I flatted a fourth time at the same place at the top of the descent. The official started walking towards me asking my plate number and trying to get me to pull out. I told him I didn’t know my number and frantically pumped my tire, booted with a dollar bill, two plastic baggies and a prayer. And then tore off again. Certainly I could catch at least one straggler in the group! Cleaned all the downhill at full tilt until my tire washed and I ate shit hard on my right knee. Got up and went at it again to the finish just a little bloody. Felt great, had fun, shit ass luck, but that’s racin. Now off to prep for 101….”


~ by cscheifele on July 22, 2014.

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